=Welcome to 360 Collective Intelligence=== 360 Collective Intelligence is a open forum for people to present a myriad of topics. Every other Wednesday, approximately 4 topics are presented, each a max of 15 minutes, and then open up to discussion. The intention is to have topics of various interest to the participants of the group. ===What's been said about 360 by previous participants:=== ====="I was impressed at the number and variety of people who came. I have been to events like this before and this was far superior. I liked the talks and how they are kept short, food themes are great, very well organized. "===== ====="White hot! It is such a great eclectic group of thinkers and doers, just meeting them is worth it. The salon is the best event I've been to ever! The time limit makes presenters pick out the most important points rather than lecturing. Love the visuals made possible by the slide equipment. Its a warm, inclusive comfortable, incredible intellectual artist group. I will show up every chance i get!"===== ====="I like the curiosity and openness of the effort."===== ====="Thanks so much! I'm loving this club you have set up. what a creative concept!"===== ====="I think it's brilliant. Like one of those things you read about in the news, and think 'Oh! Why didn't I think of that!' that becomes memes, like mashups or flash mobs, but more human."===== ====="The gathering was cozier in size than I expected, but then I felt I wanted to socialize with everyone and so I had a chance to get to know several people in a way I wouldn't have if it was too large a crowd."===== ====="My favorite part about 360 is the variety of presentations and I think 4 presentations per night is a great number to get a bit of depth and variety. When the presentations go longer than 15 minutes, even when they're really interesting, I start to get antsy. That may just be me and my seemingly ADD ways. I also tend to prefer participation over lectures, so would love more "hands-on" experiences. But the lineup for the next group looks very impressive and I'm looking forward see what happens next."===== =====(The hostess has taken note and plans to keep a watchful eye on the clock and give 5 minute warnings. She took a more relaxed approach in the Fall session)===== ====="Thanks for encouraging the Salon style learning in SF! It's one of the many things that make this city great."===== ====="I look forward to hearing your upcoming presenters. I liked that it was in Bernal and in your cozy, relaxed home. The time and day are good for me too.===== =====I enjoyed the two times I attended. The only suggestion might be to have no more than 4 presenters - otherwise it was just right!"===== ====="The scene and effort felt sincere, genuine. I enjoyed having the gathering in a home. No dislikes! I foresee that you may outgrow your space in the future..."===== ==360 ScheduleEdit

Brian Hoffer Designing for Fear. Design thinking applied to mexican drug war violence.

Ellen Brook Silk - From Worms to Wear, Wine and Walls.

Heidi Groshelle

21st Century Public Relations

Angela Dominguez Tips in Children's Book Illustration

Norm Ishimoto

Congressional Immigration Assistance for Constituents: Wishful Visitors and Desperate Refugees

Paige Loczi

Interior Design: Creating Spaces that Balance and Inspire

Brianne Miller

Public Relations

Andre Rothblatt

Wabi Sabi in architecture

Nadine Defranoux

Photographic travels in Antarctica

Saera Khan

Beyond Harm and Fairness: Why eating your dog feels so wrong.

Anastasia Faielle

Live in Beauty, Interior Design

Bethany St. Clair

Organizing with Feng Shui

Miles Epstein

Collage processes and recipes for Furniture and Architecture Structures.

Susan Rippenberger

Performance shawl project in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico

Susan George

Candied Orange and lemon peels demo!

Antonio Roman-Alcala

Urban Agriculture in San Francisco

Genevette Alvarez

Leadership and Mentoring

Rebecca Meredith

Counterculture as consumer culture, and global history of consumerism

Josh Kalven

Innovation in Social New Media

Daniela Rosner

Bookbinding and Hexaflexagrams: Hands on participation

Rebecca Meredith

Territoriality, biological, propaganda, grafitti, art business and marketing.

'Jung_sim Roh'

Copper thread as FM transmitter

Eric Raymond

Fermentation in bread and alcohols

Brian Hoffer Designing for Fear. Design thinking applied to mexican drug war violence.

Ellen Brook Silk - From Worms to Wear, Wine and Walls.

Heidi Groshelle

21st Century Public Relations

Angela Dominguez Tips in Children's Book Illustration

Presenter: Alana Corpuz Materials: Computer for slide show of photos, hand out of how to get involved *Paper, Binding and Hexaflexagrams. *Nature in architecture, territoriality and mammals, graffiti and billboards as negotiation of public space *E-textiles: Copper thread as FM transmitter in a sweatshirt! October 20th: *Michael Cappozzola: comic and comedian, presenting on food. (Presentation 45 minutes) October 27th: *Counterculture as Consumer Culture, and History of Consumerism *Leadership and Mentoring *Innovation in Social News Media November 10th, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot *Collage processes and recipes. *Performance shawl in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico! *Candied Orange and Lemon Peels - Demo! *Urban Agriculture in San Francisco 17th, Microbrews and Homebrews* *Fermentation Processes *Knitting community, technology and the creation of value. *Criminal Law *Problems and solutions for art programs in San Francisco schools *Structure and Surface in Architecture and Fashion Design *Where to get microbrews in San Francisco:Healthy Spirits 2299 15th St favorite, for beer, chocolate, cheese and ice cream)Urban Cellars 3821 24th Street, Star-Ell Liquor 501 Divisadero Street Beer 1168 Folsom St ==Spring 2011== February 23 Tastes of Tequila and Salsa *Nicole Lopez Hagan"Ya Tus Ojos" performance of opera meets popular music Zaruela *Susan Rippberger: Slip installation and ethnography of the roles slips play in movies. *Linda Burroughs: Staging for Living: Details that Matter. designsolutions-lb.comSalsas already on the menu: Cranberry Avocado, Chipotle and Orange, Sweet and Mild tomato, Grape and avocado, Gingered mango, Pico de gallo, and Fennel Cucumber. Who knows their tequilas? March 9 Sauternes *Rebecca Cross, sings! *Millinery by Kitty Andrews *Kristine Schaefer: Telling your Signature Story - the story that brands you. Loma Communications, Executive Communications Coaching *Sara Angel Guerrero-Rippberger: The Sin Pasaporte Archives is a collection of oral histories, documents and photographs that tell the stories of 18 artist collectives in the post-war metropolises of Beirut and San Salvador, and the mega-city capitals of Cairo and Mexico City. Blog:
Pirate Performance in downtown San Salvador by Colectivo Urbano, 2009
March 23 Infused Alcohols: coffee bean, hot pepper... *Nadine Defranoux, recent photography projects, in Anartica *Saera Khan: Beyond Harm and Fairness: Why eating your dog feels so wrong. * Anastasia Faiella: Live in Beauty Interior Design. * Bethany St. Clair: Organizing with Feng Shui 6 Chocolate Tasting: Bring a favorite chocolate bar, or check out one of the locations listed below... *Norm Ishimoto: Congressional Immigration Assistance for Constituents: Wishful Visitors and Desperate Refugees. *Paige Loczi on interior design: creating spaces that balance and inspire. *Brianne Miller on public relations from Landis Communications Inc. *Andre Rothblatt, architect on Wabi Sabi Chocolate Covered, 350 types, plus micro-roasters from local and American companies. Chocolate edamame from Jade chocolates?! Michael Mischer, from Oakland (see below) and Charles Chocolates, whose storefront in SF is now closed. Or, from Saratoga Chocolates, whose storefront is also closed, they have things infused withsage bark or pine needles, wow. 4069 24th Street Tcho, Great website about pairing, creating, tasting, types, recipes, and even health articles regarding chocolates! Pier 17 or Whole Foods Xocolate Bar, has classes and even has vegan options! 1709 Solano Avenue, Berkeley Michael Mischer, great Swiss chocolatier in Oakland (and great gelato, too) 3352 Grand Avenue, Oakland, one block north of Grand Lake Theater Neo Cocoa, this places looks amazing, Best Truffle award at SF Int'l Salon Saturday Farmers Market at Ferry Building, Faletti Foods on Broderick, Bi-Rite Market, Canyon Market in Glen Park, or Whole Foods

Fog City News Largest chocolate selection in US, plus magazines. Fog City News 455 Market Street (between 1st and Fremont) XOX Truffles, French Truffles Top Ten in the US 754 Columbus avenue (between Filbert and Greenwich) Confetti Le Chocolatier 525 Market Street (b/w Battery and Sutter Street) Poco Dolce, great in-store tastings, with Rhone wine, whiskies, and artisan cheeses.... 2419 3rd Street Richart San Francisco 393 Sutter Street (at Stockton) Cocoa Bella, Selection of Swiss, Belgian, French, Italian and American confections 2102 Union Street Christopher Elbow, beautiful chocolates, the best is the caramels 401 Hayes Street, at Gough

Michael Recchiuti'', pairing salty and sweetOne Ferry Building, Shop #30April 20Italian Wines from Vino Rosso Vega and Guiseppe: Sipping Italy. Italian vinology with tasting! *Brian Hoffer: Designing for Fear. Design thinking applied to Mexican drug war violence. *Ellen Brook: Silk - From Worms... to Wear, Wine and Walls. *Heidi from Groshelle Communications: 21st Century Public Relations *Angela Dominguez: Tips in Children's Book Illustration ==Fall 2011 Speakers== Eran Dyan Design Olivia Competente Mary Ross Pat Meier-Johnson Hannah Rosenberg: Recent changes in the fashion industry for a fashion illustrator Robert Edgar: Software engines to examine mediated artifacts. Mark Estes: Painterly photography projects. Lloyd Dangle: Graphic Recording Techniques. Alexander Besher: reads from his new science fiction novel. Angela Hart: Urban Phoenix, Realty in San Francisco from journalist from SF Public Press Jose de los Reyes, Photographer. Ten Ox-Herding Pictures. Robert Buelteman, capturing life in photography with new techniques. Ameet Kamath plays original compositions. Missy Ablin: Mural Work with Precita Eyes Josie: Danielle Lottridge: Design Thinking in Fusion Dance Costuming and Choreography. Academic: and Dance: Theory, sketches of head piece, video clips of choreography segments and live duet performance! (Availability: September, 2nd half of October, November) David Goines Musaic: Men's choral ensemble performs! 2011 Latest Topics Submitted (but not yet committed by presenter to schedule) *Bread Making and local beer brewers tasting *Evolution of music compositions using soundtracks *Locational Astrology *PR cons, disasters and Misconceptions *Teaching Technology to Students with ADD *Storytelling: relationships that began and blossomed through Facebook *Belly Dancing Lesson! *Somatic Expression: conscious awareness and mindful action of your body *Artist Representatives *Performance and Voice Coach *Emotions and personality behavior: Definitions, adaptations, physical and facial expression *Fashion history, textiles and fashion illustration *Dog socialization *Dance *Overview of Politics in San Francisco *How to Write a Nonfiction Book Proposal *Comparative Civilizations explained by Diagram *Fairy Tales and Our Everyday Lives

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